Nashville Prenatal Massage

What to Expect (When You’re Expecting a Prenatal Massage)

Side lying position for prenatal massage.

Side lying position for prenatal massage.

A prenatal massage at Restorative Massage Therapy begins with a one-on-one intake where we review your medical history and go over any areas of concern (aching hips, tight shoulders, low back pain, etc.). At this time Amy will also talk about the plan for your pregnancy massage and positioning.

A typical prenatal massage will include:

  • Lying on Stomach, Supported with Bolster – This is a dream for most pregnant women. A specialized pregnancy bolster provides an opening for the belly and supports the hips, chest and arms so that the mother can rest comfortably on her stomach while receiving the massage.
  • Lying on Back, Supported with Bolsters – Often the greatest luxury – to lie on your back during the later stages of pregnancy! We utilize bolsters and wedges to allow for safe, comfortable positioning.
  • Side Lying Positioning – Especially useful to address lower back and hips. Often we begin prenatal massage sessions with side lying positioning.
  • Swedish Massage – Long gliding strokes to promote relaxation, reduce muscle tension and improve circulation
  • Integrative Therapies – Depending on the specific needs, a prenatal session may include acupressure, neuromuscular therapy, stretching, fascial work, craniosacral therapies, lymphatic and a variety of other techniques.

The focus on mother and baby doesn’t end when the baby arrives. RMT also specializes in Postpartum Massage to help new moms and their bodies adjust during the postpartum phase.

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