Postpartum Massage

Postpartum Massage with Baby

Postpartum Massage at RMT

Postpartum care is one of Amy’s great passions. All too often, new mothers find themselves working to recover from labor and delivery, adjusting to life with a newborn and unsure where to turn for nurturing and support. That’s where postpartum massage at Restorative Massage Therapy comes in.

In a perfect world, new moms would be able to duck out for an hour or two so they can receive the postpartum massage care that their bodies so desperately need. Unfortunately, that’s not always the reality. Whether it’s an inability to find proper child care or mom isn’t quite ready to leave her child at home, Restorative Massage Therapy is here to help bridge the gap.

The private studio provides new moms with a safe and private space to bring their infant along. One of Amy’s clients has even graciously provided a Rock ‘n Play bassinet so that the babies can sleep in cozy comfort while mom receives her massage.

Postpartum Massage Setup

Postpartum Massage setup

Amy works with the mothers and plays each postpartum massage session by ear. Sometimes babies are cozily tucked away and sleep the entire session. Sometimes they come in crying and will only be soothed by laying on mama’s chest or nursing on the table while Amy continues on with the massage.

Among many perks of the studio’s location in a private residence, a mother can bring her baby in for her session and not worry about disrupting anyone else’s experience if the baby is fussy. Amy rolls with it to make each session a success.

When booking a postpartum session, simply select the Integrative Massage option and in the notes, include that this is a postpartum session and that you’ll be bringing your baby along and Amy will have the room set up when the both of you arrive. Book your session today.